Monday, June 6, 2011

spring fun

I promised myself all winter that when Spring came I would get Amelie out of the house as often as possible. It feels so nice to breathe the warm air, feel the hot Colorado sun on my shoulders, and smell the fresh cut grass and the flourishing weeds. We take a new trail each time. My nephew, Jerry, joined us on a walk near Josh’s Pond.

Afterwards Jerry and Ammy played at a nearby park.

My mama took Amelie and me, along with my nephews, Tristan and Jerry, to the zoo. Amelie had a blast! She loved the polar bear who came right up to the glass and the chocolate ice cream. My camera battery went out quick that day, but here are a couple of shots I got.


Amelie is learning to walk and gets better every day. She loves her shoes and these pink sandals are her fave. Here she is about to stomp my newly planted flowers.

This week I made myself some baby-friendly jewelry. I’m thinking of adding a new section to the shop for Mamas.

Ammy took her first trip to the pool this week when our friend and neighbor Michelle invited us to join her at The Bay in Broomfield. Ammy loved the water and, even though it wasn’t the warmest day, waded into the baby pool bravely, holding my hand. 

Ammy loves to see her Dada at the end of the day.

Our feet feel at home in the grass. Here's to many more warm days to come.

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