Thursday, June 9, 2011

ode to my dog

Oh, Tekka I do love you.
Even when I shout
“You’re driving me BANANAS!”
Like Oscar the Grouch
When you pull on the leash
Or bark like a wild man,
Waking the baby from her nap.

When the baby came I may have changed.
Hormones raging, you endured
Many cranky ramblings and
Me, pointing you out the back door.
But your goofy smile still makes me laugh.

I can still make your tail curl
And wag in great pleasure
When I put on my running shoes
And we walk and walk and walk
'Til your tongue falls out of your mouth.
Tekka, I love you, I do.

 We adopted Tekka from Colorado Collie Rescue on New Years Day, 2009. He had traveled to Colorado from Wichita (my own home town) where he had been at the humane society there for some time. When he wasn’t adopted, the Kansas Humane Society could no longer hold him there and called around to find a shelter that had room for him. Colorado Collie Rescue in Longmont agreed to take him and he and a handful of other dogs were transported by a kind-hearted trucker, arriving in Denver in early December of 2008. It was right around that time that our beloved Fiona, a beautiful and sweet 9-year old collie, died suddenly. When we saw pictures of Tekka taken at the shelter (left) at the end of December, we knew we had to go meet him. It was love - and serendipity. He brought joy to a home full of sorrow and longing. Last year, when Amelie was born, Tekka immediately took to her and they have been the best of friends ever since.
Me and Tekka on his homecoming day, New Years 2009.

Amelie and her best buddy, Tekka, January 2011.

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