Wednesday, September 19, 2012

catching up

It's been a long while since I've written, here or anywhere else. Last winter was a hard one for us, but springtime came with Amelie turning two and then some wonderful news: we are expecting a baby in January. Amelie will be a big sister soon, and we couldn't be more thrilled.

We seem to be going through a lot of changes, some big, some subtle. My job has transformed and is taking up more time in my week, so I am with Amelie a little less than before. I work short days but the change was felt profoundly between us and has taken some adjusting. In addition to being with my very patient and ever-supportive parents twice a week, we have an amazing nanny who Ammy has come to love.

With more work and morning sickness, it was a very different summer from last year. It was also crazy hot. And smokey. In June, the smoke from the wildfires drifted our way and made being outside in the 100 degree weather even more unpleasant. We worried for my parents and their mountain home, and were saddened by the news stories of lost homes and destroyed forests.

But now, as the summer comes to a close, I am feeling much better, the weather is beautiful, and there is much to look forward to.

Just a couple of weeks ago we took a short vacation with my family to the mountains. It was the perfect weekend getaway, and we had a lot of fun with everyone.
Throwing rocks in the river

Hanging out in Leadville

Lounging around the cabin

Ammy in the window sill

Twin Lakes

Headed home
Not a week later we were headed to Virginia, this time by plane. I was worried about the plane trips with a toddler, but Ammy was a trooper and with the help of one of my awesome mom friends, I kept her busy with a plethora of little projects and treats.

She even rested a little.
We spent a week with the Dalys on their farm in rural Virginia. It was great to see everyone, and a relaxing vacation too.
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Spending some time with Grandpa Daly and the dogs

Future sister in law Kerry with brother in law, Elijah

Visiting the pond with "Uncle Lou"

20 weeks along

Watching Grandma on the ATV

Grandma Daly is very cool!

Take us for a ride!

Ammy and "Rufie"

Rolling out play dough with Grandma
Campfire, country-style


Spending time with Grandma D

Hide & seek

Ammy's birthday party

The whole crew
Such a fun time! We are missing the Dalys and the relative calm of farm life.

Since we got back I've been working on a couple new projects.
Perfect for Halloween monster hoodie

Making my own stamps for a future project... stay tuned :)

The newest monster hoodies have been added to the shop. More to come!!