Sunday, September 25, 2011

busy bees

The last couple of months have been super busy in our house. With the school year starting, I was back to my part time job (at a local private, non-profit high school). The first taste of fall has us rushing around the house and yard, finishing the zillion projects we had so zealously started at one point or another in the summer. Along with my mom and sister, I participated in my hometown's fall festival, Broomfield Days. It's been crazy!! Here are some moments I captured on camera.

Open gym for tots at the rec center's gymnastics area. Ammy had a blast with her good buddy Junior. 

Tekka (our goofy dog) took us to Dog Daze at the Broomfield Bay. He didn't like the swimming much but he sure had fun running around with all the other dogs.

My mom, sister and I hosted a booth at our hometown festival, Broomfield Days. It was an awesome experience and I had so much fun working with my mama to get all the visors and headbands put together. And, as a result, my monster wear army grew.
My sister, Mindy, and me bright and early that morning.

Me with my assistant and daughter, Amelie.

My mama, Mindy, Ammy and me manning the booth.

My husband , Jeremiah, brought Ammy to Broomfield Days

Our Ammy is a toddler now, running, climbing, singing and talking. She learns something new every day.

Amelie likes to do yoga in the kitchen.

The cosmos like the late summer.
Ammy and I went to the zoo with my mama, our neighbor Monica and her grandson (Ammy's buddy), Junior.

We're spending more time in the backyard now that the evenings are nice and cool.

Jeremiah is starting the big job of landscaping our front yard.

Jeremiah broke out the Halloween decorations today. At first I thought Ammy might get scared of them. As it turns out, she thinks they are pretty alright.
Pointing at the bat hanging from the ceiling.

 I'm sure there is plenty more, but this is the story the photos tell...