Thursday, June 16, 2011

change and growth

The week started with a failed trip to the top of Trail Ridge Road – an experience that has got me thinking about what we are all capable of, and how much a person can truly change.

Last year my man became a father and was transformed. The love of my life, I always knew Jeremiah would be an amazing dad but there is something more, something magical between him and Amelie that makes my heart swell up in awe and gratitude.

 So, yes, I think people can change. And I think that we are all much more capable than we ever imagine. Someday I’ll make it to the top of Trail Ridge. 

Last week I started my very first garden. I have never been great at keeping plants alive. Lucky for our indoor plants, Jeremiah is very attentive towards them and some we have had for nearly ten years. 

This year, now that I’m at home so much, I really want to learn how to grow things, how to keep things alive that don’t scream, whine, bark, meow or screech. So here are my poor little starter plants - God help them all.

Amelie helped me get them in the ground.

What is that thing???
Her sweet little feet got all muddy.

I’ve also been working on baby-friendly jewelry that I just added to the shop. They are 100% organic, comfy and can be thrown in the wash with the laundry.

Tekka, our goofy mutt, is a changed man this week too. We took him for his first visit to the dog park. It was a great success!

We’ve been spending some time on the back porch in the evenings watching the sun go down.

 Transformations all around us.


  1. I bet you'll have good luck with tomatoes! try strawberries too, especially the tiny alpine strawberries - as long as you remember to water your plants regularly they should be fine! I always just put a scoop of compost in the hole as I plant them, and that's all the fertilizing I've ever needed. One of my friends suggested pruning off the bottom branches as they get bigger because they don't produce any fruit, then staking the plants up and they'll grow like 6 feet tall! crazy.

    - Ruth

  2. Thanks for the advice! I hope they'll grow well and produce something for us. I think I will try some strawberries - I still have room for more!

  3. Aw... your pictures of your family are heart warming! I felt the same way about my Husband after we had our son... something about seeing him become a father :)

    Your newest follower,

  4. Thank you Laurie, and thanks for following!