Tuesday, November 27, 2012

fresh starts

It's been a bit of a whirlwind for us around here since August or so. I started back to work after a short summer and we got back into the swing of things. Our routine is weekly and the weeks have been flying by and now it's nearly December.

Mondays we get ready for the week. I am home with Ammy but we always are cleaning, cooking, preparing.

Tuesdays we pack up early in the morning and head for the mountains to my parent's home, where Ammy spends the day with Grandma and Grandpa and I give a quick goodbye and go to work.

Wednesdays, Ammy's sitter Mackenzie comes over. Ammy loves Mackenzie and they spend the whole morning just having fun. I get home before the afternoon really begins and Ammy is still napping.

Thursday we head back up to the mountains and Grandparents.

Friday we rest.

Saturday and Sunday are family days, project days, and days where I get some time to work on my latest creations.

My goal was to open my new shop by October -- I did it!! I call it Circuitry, a collection of accessories for women, stamped with bold inks. The stamps hand-carved and cut by me. I set up Circuitry on Etsy and I developed my own independent shop here: www.circuitrystudio.com.

Here's a peek at what I offer:

Super Soft, Cotton Headbands

Cozy Arm Warmers
Stretchy, Soft Fabric Necklaces
Colorful & Casual Fabric Bracelets
I've really enjoyed the whole process of starting my new shop, and I'll be launching a separate blog soon that is dedicated to the challenges, lesson and fulfillment that come with starting an online business.

What about Punksy and my monster hoodies? Still going strong on etsy: www.punksy.com

On top of it all, we're getting ready to welcome Baby Daly. We got a sneak peek last week:

Boy or girl? Still a mystery :)

The three of us are so excited to meet baby in January!!
Thanksgiving Day