Tuesday, March 20, 2012

what a week


The last week has been CRAZY. It all started last Monday when we realized oh no, we have to finish our ATCs -- tonight!!! And by finish, I mean do the whole thing.

A little note about Artist Trading Cards - these are special cards made by a group of artists and traded to one another so that, after you've made your set, you receive an entirely unique set of cards created by your circle of artist friends. There is a host who takes care of all the logistics, periodically nags the artists into getting their cards finished, sorts through cards and distributes. The host of this particular trading event is my very talented (and patient) Aunt Tarryn. 

The theme was what we take with us. Jeremiah and I began at 8:30 Monday, promptly after our lovely Amelie was in bed with an early morning looming ahead.

The cards turned out great. Jeremiah is becoming an amazing abstract artist. His secret? He says, don't think.

Tuesday is always crazy because I work which means an early morning, getting all three of us ready, heading up to the mountains to Ammy's grandparents and back down to work. Oh, and then I work. 

By Wednesday it was obvious that I needed to get a real handle on our plans for the week, my to do list, etc. Ammy helped me make three lists.
Despite a long to-do list, we managed to find a little free time -- and with the first incredibly gorgeous days of the year, we couldn't resist playing outside.
This cookie had an unfortunate end...see below.

On Friday we took a trip to the Denver Zoo with our friends Michelle and Stella, it was a whole bunch of fun.

Then there was Saturday, St. Patty's Day. Since it is Spring and all, we decided to take on an enormous yard project. So my mom and dad came down and gave us a hand while we dug up our whole back yard.



We finished the day together with a traditional Irish dinner. Jer and my dad were so tired they could barely move.

Sunday we thought about sitting around but, at the last minute, decided on a picnic up Flagstaff in Boulder. The day was windy so we ate in the van and ventured out just above Gross Reservoir.

Ammy was very excited when we decided, at the top of the mountain, that it was time to switch her rear-facing car seat to forward-facing (you know, because she's a big girl).

Now we're already two days into a new week, many adventures ahead.

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