Thursday, November 17, 2011


We've been witnessing a lot of sunrises lately. That is, Ammy and me.

And it's not just the time change, she has not been sleeping much between teething and growth spurts and god knows what else that has been plaguing her. For someone with so many troubles, she sure is a happy kid.

It's getting colder out there, the wind has been blowing and I'm just so not down with that, so we stay inside.

But this is Colorado, so we still get those 60 degree, sun shining, WARM fall days, and we soak it up like it's the last time because it just might be (at least until March). The birds are migrating and flying over us in noisy groups - Amelie loves this.

A couple of baby aspens that my parents gave us are now safe at home in our backyard.

Ammy and her dada enjoy time together on the weekends while I work on hoodies and try to write a novel (November is National Novel Writing Month - I totally recommend giving it a shot if you've ever wanted to write a book but need the pressure of a deadline to get anything done).

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Teeth, claws and eyes for thirteen monsters

Before Ammy was born, I hardly ever saw the sunrise. In that old life (it seems so distant now) I was so purposeful, every moment of my morning routine was efficient and full, sleeping til the last minute, hurriedly getting ready for the work day. Now I wake to my girl calling out for "mama!", her arms reaching out for me to lift her out of her crib, her excitement to go "stairs!" and see "Neenee!" (our cat Beanie) and all the while the sun just barely peering over the horizon.


  1. Enjoy every minute you can with your little one because they do grow up so fast! Watching sunrises is so very relaxing and makes a great start to any day!

    Chatter from Texas
    Note Cards and Photos by Theresa

  2. Your little girl is so adorable!!

  3. Love the pictures of Am & Jer. Good luck with your novel writing. Nothing like a deadline to motivate you.