Wednesday, July 13, 2011

stormy days

Afternoon thunderstorms have been rolling off the foothills into our backyard for about a week. We've been happy to have the edge taken off the 90-degree days. Just last Friday I set the camera up on a timer and snapped off this picture after a storm had blown through. Amelie and I danced in the sunlight with the last few drops of rain falling around us.

As I write this, late on Tuesday night, I am anxious and ready for these thunderstorms to be over. Two days ago one came rolling in while I was at a baby shower and my husband was at home with Amelie. It blew in fast, with whipping winds and an immediate downpour, flooding the streets. My husband, Jeremiah, was shutting (metal) storm windows when a bolt of lightning came crashing down in our backyard, directly behind the window he was touching. The electricity surged towards the house, shocking Jeremiah and taking out our power. Fortunately, he wasn't hurt, just stunned and the cracking of thunder was so loud that his ears were ringing. Amelie was in hysterics - she had been napping when the lightning hit.

There is nothing to do but be grateful that they are both okay, as well as our household full of animals. The surge fried our televisions and furnace, damaged our computers and some other odds and ends around the house, but those can be replaced. Was it bad luck or good luck? I'm thinking good, but I've got my pair of rosy-colored glasses handy.


  1. That is a truly special photograph... what a moment to have captured!!

  2. Storms can be beautiful, but not always fun... That is a priceless photo!

  3. I love the photo!!
    I love the way sunshine coming down you two, and love the way you two look lovely!!!

  4. Sorry about the storm damage - but oh how I miss the booms of thunder and lightening.
    Love this picture.

  5. Glad everyone's ok, and LOVE that picture. Beautful.

    New follower from Monkey Around Monday hop

  6. That must have been so terrifying with that lightening crash. Glad everybody is okay.

    We haven't had rain in 26 days where I live... it's insane! I'm not really complaining about it, more so wondering when the storms will roll in because I get the feeling that once they do, they'll never leave.

    New follower here - just noticed you following my blog so I thought I'd share the love. :)