Thursday, May 26, 2011

suburban escape: great trail in Broomfield for mama, baby & dog

Earlier this week, my neighbor told me about a paved walking path that is perfect for strollers with a fantastic view of the front range. This morning Amelie and I loaded up the van with the stroller and the dog to check it out. This trail is so much fun!

Breathtaking  views.

The pavement is wide enough for two mamas to walk side by side with strollers.

Plenty of cute little creatures along the way. Amelie enjoyed spotting the soaring birds and quick bunnies.
 It was hilly and the trail winds, so be prepared to get a real workout!

There are detours that are not paved that you can take as well (they are finished with gravel, so if you have a jogging stroller they are easily passable).

Our dog, Tekka, enjoyed scouting out a new trail.

You can access the trail through many of the side streets within the Country Estates and Outlook subdivisions. I took 136th to Columbine, followed it to the dead end and took a left on Himilaya Avenue, which ends at a cul-de-sac where you can access the trail. There are warnings that this is coyote country that contain information for handling encounters with coyotes when you enter the trail.

I really enjoyed this walk. It was a perfect escape from traffic and the usual hustle bustle, all just a few minutes away from my house. If you live in or near Broomfield, I highly recommend it.

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